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New Employment Laws – 2015

AB 2074                Increases the amount of liquidated damages that an employee may obtain in a minimum wage violation lawsuit. Clarifies that a claim for liquidated damages can be brought any time within 3 years of the violation, which now allows employees to recover 3 years of interest

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SICK LEAVE- New Law Summary


SUMMARY OF AB 1522 SICK LEAVE This new law requires that all employers provide a sick leave benefit to all employees who have been employed for at least 30 days. The bill does not take effect until July 1, 2015.The State will be issuing regulations on implementation

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Jobless Benefits Extension Advances in the Senate

By Carrie Dann and Kasie Hunt, NBC News                                                                                 The Senate narrowly voted Tuesday to advance a temporary extension of unemployment benefits to over one million jobless Americans, giving some unexpected momentum in the new year to Democrats and the Obama administration. The move means that lawmakers are

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New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage

New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options and Your Health Coverage  PART A: General Information When key parts of the health care law take effect in 2014, there will be a new way to buy health insurance:  the Health Insurance Marketplace. To assist you as you evaluate options

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U.S. Extends Family Leave to Same-Sex Spouses

  Department of Labor Extends Family Medical Leave Act Coverage to Same-Sex, Non-   Traditional Parents By SEAN HIGGINS  | AUGUST 13, 2013 AT 9:55 AM In a directive announced Friday to Labor Department employees, Secretary Thomas Perez said the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in US v. Windsor, which

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Obamacare Drives a Bull Market In Staffing Agencies

Jim Cramer photo courtesy of

A “red hot bull market” is currently being driven by the pending implementation of Obamacare next year, Jim Cramer said Thursday. Although President Barack Obama signed the health care reform bill into law on March 23, 2010, many of the changes to the health care system won’t take

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Improving Employee Morale


“Money can’t buy happiness” isn’t a cliché when it comes to improving morale around the office. In these precarious times, when many organizations are tightening their belts, it is critical to know how to engage and reward employees without spending an arm and a leg. The sad reality is that if we don’t

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Should Employees Take A Vacation?

Playa Norte

So why do employees need a vacation?  The simple answer is rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.  Most of us probably remember to plug in our laptops, tablets and smart phones before going to bed every night.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a built-in “low battery” sensor to warn us when it’s time

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New Employee Benefits


We’re proud to announce that our employees now have the opportunity to participate in our health care program. In addition to holiday pay and paid vacations, we treat our employees with respect and reward their hard work.

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