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Sports Illustrated picks Stockton Ports

Asparagus Night

 as #1 in “Ranking the 2016 Minor League Baseball Theme Nights”,

“Whether paying tribute to vegetables (Asparagus Night in Stockton – May 21, 2016)) or classic American movies (Top Gun Night in Lehigh Valley), minor league theme nights have covered just about every inch of pop culture. We’ve compiled what we consider the 20 best of the 2016 season. Enjoy!

  Fire up your grill, bring your olive oil, maybe a little cheese. It’s an asparagus party! That’s right, the Stockton Ports celebrated the famous vegetable in May with an Asparagus Night. Why? According to the team’s website, “asparagus is the world’s favorite vegetable and a famous staple of Stockton.” While a Google search of “most popular vegetable” tells a different story, we’re not here to nitpick. Asparagus is an important vegetable and the Stockton Ports had every right to pay tribute to it.”

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